Visual programmer/curator for international music and art festival, held in The Hague, Netherlands.

The visual program included:

State X TV: Collaboration with video curator Ana Lemnaru, a selection of international video artists presenting works on closed circuit TVs. The project was also consisted of a live elements, filming and interview during the festival itself with Zoe acting as interviewer and director.

(Filming and editing by Anduo Lucia)

LOOK UP! Underground: A group exhibition curated by Zoe Reddy featuring works from international artists including Pieterjan Ginckels, Bissy Bunder, Bas de Boer and Katinka van Gorkum.

Performance program: live performances from artists selected by Zoe Reddy, including: Iloisa Fortes, Nina Boas, Michele Matyn, CLOUD danslab and SOEPHOER.

RATKAFE: An instillation and online blog from an undisclosed artist group, selected and assisted (as editor and artist) by Zoe Reddy.


03pieterjanginckels_peisamtsang_011 1273kbsy9klb1pcl1t State-X-New-Forms-2012-Flyer-JPG-433x600






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