As a master graduate of Artistic research, Zoe is skilled in both the theoretical and practical aspects of art and culture.

Her artistic practise focuses mainly on performance, photography and video. The cross pollunation of music and visual art serves as a basis for her works. Zoe blends elements of high and low art to create new combinations that belong in the spaces between disciplines.

Zoe’s practise extends from writing, to video, to performance and music, singing in the popular electro duo ‘Bimbo Electrico’ and as MC Electronic B in Rivers Area Juke Squad. For Zoe the stage is without boundaries, and her different practises are sewn together through collaborations, publications and other multi layered projects.

Her personal artistic focus on performance and production has led to curatorial and programming projects, working with different cultural organisations as curator, visual programmer and senior producer for musical and visual festivals.





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