LINES OF THE SELF: Artists are announced

Opening 2 November Zoe will be exhibiting and curating in Kadmium kunstcentrum in Delft.

The other exhibiting artists are:
Molly Soda (USA)
Stef van Looveren (BELGIUM)
Samara Mitri (MEXICO)
TU Delft Apllied Labs

The exhibition focuses on new media and online art as a means to create portraits and visual identities.

As part of the exhibition Zoe will be presenting a work that presents her research work leading up to the project.


Recently opened, impressed is an exhibition featuring a selection on the top recently graduated students from Rotterdam and The Hague. Zoe is responsible for the physical exhibition design and installation and assisted in the selection of several of the exhibiting artists. Linda Ammerlaan is the curator and was assisted by Anique Baltus, Rik van Hazendonk and Lony Strub in her final selection.

The exhibition is open until 28th of September.



In November Zoe will be curating a new project and exhibition entitled Lines of the Self for Kadmium Kunstcentrum in Delft, this will be one of the first exhibitions in Kadmium’s new gallery space located in the Prinsenkwartier (former Nusantara museum) of Delft.

The exhibition will focus on new media art works that examine questions of portraiture and identity. The small selection of artists will present works that use contemporary technology as both a medium and message, looking at the impact these advancements have on both the categorisation and experience of art as well its impact on the artist identity.

Zoe will also be presenting an interactive installation dealing with these issues as a representation of her research into new media art.

More information and a complete program to be announced shortly.


Friday 4th of July in the  annual Antilounge festival held at FAST surfdorp in Schevenigen Den Haag. For this event Zoe will be responsible for the visuals, showcasing several new VJ works throughout the festival space.

 Zoe will also be teaching together with Antilounge label boss Martijn Verlinden in the special BeatLab project, a field recording workshop.

From 18:00 till 20:00 Zoe will be performing as DJ ZoeBowie together with Amsterdam based DJ JUJU as a special presentation of Zoe’s GSPOT project (more info TBA).






Zoe has contributed a collage work to the Nomad Library project run by artist Melissa Cruz. This work is being displayed in the GEMAK, Den Haag. The collage was inspired by a book pertaining to Video Sculptures.

Fotos by Ed Jansen.

EJ4_7349 EJ4_7351 EJ4_7360

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: >NOMAD LIBRARY has the intention to explore further and unravel the hidden treasures of the small, eclectic yet inspiring library.
NOMAD LIBRARY is an artistic exploration created by artist and librarian Melissa Cruz Garcia in order to visualize a wider interpretation of printed knowledge.
NOMAD LIBRARY is an artistic research project that will have the Gemak library “travel” literally and artistically in order to create new meaning and to converse with new territory elsewhere in the city.
This inter-action will leave the artist’-librarian personal mark on the library at Gemak and on colleague libraries in the city together with markings of artists that the librarian will invite to be part of the project.

Our library at the Gemak in Den Haag includes a large collection of books, magazines and rare; almost antique publications from different Museums in The Netherlands.
The topic categories in our library are rather new, although the Vrije Academie library started to grow since 1960’s by the generous donations of all our participants through the years and probably by another parties donations.
Today we count with about 5000 books about the visual arts, photography, techniques, architecture, art philosophy and ancient times.